The Unkown (Halloween)

Everything to do with The Unknown and Halloween.

When is this event active?

This event is active from the 22nd of October to the 8th of November each year.

What is 'The Unknown'?

This is a limited time mob that can be found at a default 0.6% chance while mining. It has special properties that are listed below:

  • Causes a Wither spawn sound upon spawning.

  • Has a cooldown between finding them of 30 minute intervals.

  • Is Unkillable but takes damage.

  • It will attack the player but deals low to moderate damage compared to other mobs in the plugin.

  • Will automatically despawn after 7 seconds.

  • Will only spawn below Y-Level 50.

  • Requires PyroMining level 15 or higher to encounter.

For you to take part in this event you just need to ensure your owners have the event enabled, (most of them should do) and start to mine some ores.

If you are able to deal 50HPworth of damage to 'The Unknown' you will be given an 'Unknown Shard'.

Unknown Shards

When you have 10 of these shards, you can right click which lays a curse upon the player. This ensures that the next Unknown they encounter is one of four different varients.

Each varient has a theme and drops a special item upon defeat. These boss mobs have unique properties as well:

  • Will automatically despawn and you will lose the varient after 120 seconds if it is not defeated in time.

  • Will drop specific items based upon the varient you are fighting.

  • It is completely random which varient you will get when you use 10 Unknown Shards.

  • They have special attacks.

  • They have 300 Health each.

  • They deal more damage when in darkness. (Light level 7 or below).

Upon killing one of the varients, you will receive rewards such as Zeta, Oracle Drops, Vessels and other mining related items including a collectors item for each varient (rare drop) and some unique rewards. (including a event-only Vessel).

Note: Each Variant shares the same loot table. The only difference is the collectors item which is unique to each Variant.

Dying to The Varients

Being killed by the varient will instantly make it vanish and it will not respawn unless you get 10 shards again.

It is advised to bring strong armour and regeneration/healing items to help you fight it and light up the area as soon as it spawns to prevent it dealing its damage potentional.

The fight is comparable to a Rune Guardian, albeit dealing less damage but having nearly double the health of them.

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